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What Is an Air Purifier and Does My Home Need One?

What Is an Air Purifier and Does My Home Need One?

The quality of the air inside your home has a lasting impact on your comfort and your health. Although your HVAC system provides some basic filtration for your home's air during function, this process is only meant to screen out certain types of particles, leaving other health concerns behind in the air you breathe. Adding a AccuClean to your home's HVAC system is the best way to protect your family from both indoor allergens and other potential health risks, including viruses, bacteria, and VOCs.

HVAC Filters versus Air Purifiers

Your HVAC system employs an air filter designed to screen out certain types of airborne particles. These particles include dirt and dust, pollen, animal dander, mold spores, and insect waste or exuviae. The main purpose of this air filter is to prevent buildup inside your HVAC appliances and ducts, although some high-efficiency filters can also screen out higher volumes of particles to improve indoor air quality for your family. AccuCleanair purifiers work differently

Benefits of Air Purifiers

AccuClean air purifiers are small HVAC accessories that are easy to install during a single visit. As soon as it's activated, your air purifier will begin working to eliminate many of the most common and harmful indoor air contaminants in your home. The capabilities of the air purifier go above and beyond your HVAC filter to produce the very highest quality of indoor air for your family, improving your comfort and reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses or asthma and allergy flare-ups. Because an air purifier eliminates odors as well as particles, your home will smell fresher and cleaner from the moment you step in the door. Adding this feature to your HVAC system will also improve the overall efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner by making your existing filter system more effective. Inert particles that are not eliminated by the air purifier, such as dust and pollen, are given a charge as they pass through the beam. This charge causes the particles to clump together, making them larger and more likely to become caught in your HVAC filter as your furnace or air conditioner draws in air for heating, removing them permanently from your indoor air.

Our HVAC technicians are here to make it easy for your family to enjoy the benefits of an air purifier in Waco, Texas. You can add this amazing technology to your home's existing HVAC system during a short service visit to enjoy an instant boost in your home's air quality that will continue delivering optimum health and comfort for years to come.

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