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4  Tips For Maintaining  Air Conditioners

4 Tips For Maintaining Air Conditioners

As a Texas homeowner, you want your AC unit to work perfectly. With the hot days that Waco brings, there is never a good time for an AC unit to break or stop working. Just under 40% of homeowners will call a professional HVAC installation company for routine maintenance on their AC unit. AC units that undergo routine HVAC maintenance last 40 percent longer. Let's look into some great tips for keeping that Texas AC unit in tip-top shape.

Check and Replace Filter as Necessary

One of the most vital aspects of keeping the emergency air conditioning service calls at bay and keeping your AC unit running efficiently is to keep it dust-free. You want to take the time to check your filters on a monthly basis. Texas heat is no joke. In fact, AC units here in Texas can work to keep rooms cool around the clock. A great way to help avoid those emergency air conditioning service calls is to replace your filters every 90 days. Your AC service tech can also help you with your filter replacement.

Check for Debris

Another tip to keep your Texas AC unit in great shape is to ensure that you do a debris check at least once a week. You want to take the time to look at your AC unit and remove any dirt, leaves, or branches that may have fallen near or on your air conditioning unit. Dirt and debris can cause problems and increase the likelihood of an emergency air conditioning service call. You may also consider keeping the space around your air conditioning unit free of debris, or contact with anything else. Two feet is an adequate amount of space your unit needs to operate without any interference. Your Texas AC installation company can inspect your unit and guide you toward adequate space requirements for your unit.

Check the Ducts of Your AC System

A Texas homeowner that wants to keep their AC unit in great working order will take the time to check the ducts of the AC unit. As those warm Texas days go by, dust and allergens can gather in the AC unit's ductwork. So, make that emergency air conditioning service request a thing of the past and inspect your AC unit's ductwork. Dirty ductwork can not only diminish indoor air quality but cost you more energy and electricity.

Create Coolness in The Rooms

As a Texas resident, you know that heat can come by way of the sun's strong rays. For those heat-filled Texas days, you want to remember to turn the blinds down, close the curtains, and pull the drapes. All of this will help keep the sun's powerful rays out of your room. This will also help your AC unit run a bit more efficiently. There's nothing more annoying to have to make an emergency air conditioning service request on a day that will have a temperature in the triple digits, Fahrenheit. The cooler your home is, the less often that your AC unit will have to run.

There's never a convenient time for an AC unit to break during a Texas summer. However, you can contact All Pro Heating and Air Conditioning when you need help. Not only do we offer emergency air conditioning service, but we also offer AC preventive maintenance and complete HVAC repairs. Connect with us today and allow us to provide you with affordable AC services and solutions.

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