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3 Easy Ways to Bring Down The  Humidity in Your Home

3 Easy Ways to Bring Down The Humidity in Your Home

Living in the South, we are all very familiar with hot, humid summers. Humidity can make summer seem a whole lot hotter than it actually is. The air outside is thick with moisture which makes us feel sticky and sweaty. But what happens when the humidity starts to seep into your home? High humidity in a home can cause rot, promote mold growth and attract pests. It can also cause symptoms such as itching, sneezing and coughing since many people have allergic reactions to the organisms that thrive in humidity.

You can lower the amount of humidity in your home using these three easy methods:

  • Circulate fresh air
    Using fans and windows to circulate fresh air throughout your home will keep moisture from accumulating. When the air in your home becomes stagnant, the moisture has nowhere to go and will eventually cause mold, mildew and rot issues.
  • Take shorter showers.
    Long, hot showers have a way of raising the humidity in your home more than anything else. Taking cold or shorter showers will help to decrease the humidity.
  • Move houseplants outside.
    Having lots of indoor plants in your home — especially during the summer — can cause your home to be more humid than usual. This is because plants go through a process called transpiration where water is pulled into the atmosphere from the leaves and stems of your plants. While this is good for the plant, it is not good for decreasing the amount of humidity in your home. During the summer, move your plants outside to get fresh air and sunshine. They'll be happy outdoors and you'll be happier (and cooler!) indoors.

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