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Awful Smells which You Shouldn't Ignore

Awful Smells which You Shouldn't Ignore

A home is a temple to live a comfortable life and any type of stinky smells spoiling its purity would surely not be acceptable by any of the house members at any cost. Though, you could take measures using candles and air fresheners to neutralize the effects of the smells, but these remedies won't help in the long run as the cause of the smell isn't temporary and it could become permanent because it is coming from AC unit which you need to address it fast. The bad AC smell is the sign that something is wrong with the AC system. So for you to understand in a thorough way, All Pro AC has mentioned few such smells and ways to eliminate them.

Mildew Smell

This is one of the most common smells from an air conditioner and can be easily removed. This type of smell persists because of the condensation remains inside the system and when water doesn't drain from the unit. The water, which doesn't get drained and remain inside allows the mold and mildew to grow and this starts smelling. When the smell of mildew is sensed then immediately changes the filters and even if nothing happens then call an expert to thoroughly clean the air conditioning unit.

Burning Smell

When you sense this type of smell, it is generally because of some mechanical problem in the air conditioner fan or some issue with the compressor or electrical wiring or maybe there is some fault lying in any of the components of the AC system. If you sense this burning smell whenever you turn ON the AC for the first few minutes then it's ok else if you sense it for more than twenty minutes then calling a professional to get the unit checked is highly recommended.


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