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Most Common Causes of A / C Problems

Most Common Causes of A / C Problems

During these hot summer months, many people rely wholeheartedly on their air conditioning unit to work efficiently and effectively. If your AC suddenly stops working, you may be feeling incredibly frustrated and annoyed, as it can be unbearable to endure the heat. When you encounter any issues with your AC, you will need to enlist in the help of an experienced and professional technician who has the skill to address your problems with ease.

The following are some of the most common causes of air conditioner problems:

  • Wiring - Wiring can be faulty, whether it is specifically the wiring in your unit or the wiring that runs from your unit into an outlet. This is almost always the first point to check, as the breakers in your home's power box and adjacent outlets can be a leading cause of the issue. By ruling this out, you can ensure the problem is indeed with your AC and not an overall electric issue.
  • Icy buildup - Another common cause behind your AC failing to turn on or cool air efficiently is if ice has collected on the condenser coils or other parts of your unit. If this is the case, the unit will need to be thawed so the ice can be removed.
  • Damaged motors - If you have a defective AC motor, the entire unit will be susceptible to shutting down. Our technicians will help you determine whether it can be fixed or will need replacement.
  • Faulty compressors - Compressors are essential to your AC unit, and need to be kept clean in order to prevent damage.
  • Dirty evaporators, filters, or condensers - Dirt and buildup in your AC system is one of the leading causes of breakdowns. Routine maintenance is essential, including changing all filters according to a specific schedule recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Refrigerant shortages - A properly functioning AC requires a certain amount of refrigerant. You should always have a professional technician check refrigerant levels and change these fluids accordingly.
  • Thermostats - If your thermostat is broken, your AC unit won't operate. One way to check this is to turn on your AC from the main unit. If you are successful, then your thermostat is the problem.

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