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2 Ways to Take Control Of AC Efficiency

2 Ways to Take Control Of AC Efficiency

Are you one of those people who like to take matters into your own hands? While you may not be able to fix everything in an HVAC system without professional assistance, there is plenty you can do to improve the efficiency of the AC in your Waco, Texas area home. You can improve your AC's efficiency by taking responsibility for features around your home that might make it harder to cool your home. Here are two ways that you can take control of air conditioner efficiency.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Your HVAC technician will thoroughly clean your air conditioning system during a preventive maintenance visit. This will include checking and cleaning your filters. However, ultimately, you should learn how to replace or clean your filter.

Over time, filters get clogged and require replacement. About once a month, you should check and replace your filter if necessary. A clean air filter keeps the system running efficiently and helps you to maintain high indoor air quality, which also increases efficiency.

Seal Your Home's Envelope

A breach in your home's envelope, such as any gaps, cracks, or leaks in a window, door, attic, means that cool air is escaping, and warm air is seeping inside. This decreases HVAC efficiency and raises your energy costs.

Check for air leaks around windows, doors, and the attic. These leaks can also reduce your indoor air quality. Once you have found the breaches, seal your home's envelope by placing weatherstripping on doorframes, running fresh caulk over the corners of windows and window frames, and add the required level and type of insulation to the affected areas of your attic. All these methods will keep your cool air in and warm air out.

By completing DIY HVAC maintenance and sealing your home's thermal envelope, you'll realize that you have more control over your AC efficiency than you originally thought. For a professional hand with increasing your AC's efficiency, give All Pro A/C and Heating a call today at (254) 624-4917.

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