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Home Air Conditioning and Heating recommends a switch to R-410A Freon.

If your thinking of a way to save money on energy use and service costs for your air conditioner, we suggest you switch to R-410A Freon equipment.

Freon is an inert gas, designed to last forever. The only thing that would cause the levels of Freon to be low is a leak in the system. If recharging your system is necessary, you must have a Freon leak and further repairs are necessary.

If your present air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant, you are required to switch to R-410-A. That's is because systems containing R-22 Freon are being removed from service due to new standards. All old systems must be replaced by R-410-A systems and equipment. Replacing your Air Conditioner with a R-410-A now will save you money in the long run. If you are looking to upgrade you air conditioner it is best to buy a R-410-A system, this will put you ahead of the game, and make sure you don't have to re-replace you system in 2014 when the old system is phased out.

If you decide that your current system is not efficient, a free estimate is available for a new energy system. While your older system may still be designed to work effectively, upgrades are available to keep your unit safe and maintained. Give Us A Call (254) 624-4917

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