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Keeping the Air Clean When Allergy Season Hits

Keeping the Air Clean When Allergy Season Hits

The changing of the seasons brings a lot of beauty with it, but it might be hard for you to notice when your seasonal allergies are all that you have on your mind. If you've got a conventional forced-air AC system and/or furnace, it can be easier to keep the air clean with the help of these systems.

Air Filtration and Air Cleaners

Did you know the indoor air quality might be up to 4 times worse than the air quality outside? And the air filter in your home might not be enough to help. Often, an additional air filtration system or air cleaner eliminates the troublesome components that make you sick or those that irritate your allergy symptoms, including mold spores, pollen and pet dander.

UV Germicidal Lights

These go into the heating and air conditioning system, killing off germs before they pass into your home. This includes some of the most harmful contaminants you can find in the air, including bacteria and viruses. These not only affect people with allergies, but can also cause trouble for those without preexisting conditions.

Energy Recovery/Heat Recovery

A lack of ventilation may contribute to the stuffiness in your home that irritates your allergies even more. An energy recovery ventilator helps to bring in fresh air, without raising your energy bills, as would happen if you opened up a window. It sends the incoming fresh air through a heat exchanger first, which either moves heat to the outgoing air stream (in the winter) or brings heat into the incoming air stream.


If the air becomes humid as it heats up, a dehumidifier might be a good way to feel more comfortable while potentially helping you to keep healthy when spring and summer come. It eliminates excess moisture in the air, which keeps you cooler and also prevents mold from developing.

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