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Combating Mold in the Winter Months

Combating Mold in the Winter Months

Temperatures are dropping in Texas and winter has finally reached us. The wetness that inevitably follows the winter months can, unfortunately, be one of the best times for molds to grow inside of homes. Most residents are aware of the fact that mold growth within the house is horrible. Not only can the health side effects of mold be severe, but the cost of removing it can also be incredibly high.

Our company is passionate about encouraging our customers to take a proactive approach when it comes to their HVAC system. Our team wants to make sure that you never have to deal with the ramifications of mold inside your home, so we're going to go over everything you'll need to stop it before it starts!

1. Find the Source of Growth

As previously stated, the only things that mold needs to start growing are the right amount of water, air, and time. If you ever see sitting water in your home, dry it up immediately. Keep in mind that mold can still grow if you don't find stagnant water in time. You can infer that mold will be more common inside of the areas of your home you rarely visit: the attic, the top of a closet, in between the walls, and other obscure places.

If you are having trouble finding mold, use your nose as a tool. Mold, stagnant air, and sitting water all have distinct smells that can lead you to the source of the problem. If something smells wrong inside your home, don't ignore it. Find the source of the smell and take appropriate, immediate action!


2. Seal Any Leaks & Ensure Proper Airflow

Finding and sealing leaks that may be in your ductwork, walls, or roof is a great way to prevent mold. Not only will you reduce the amount of water that could get into your home, but you will also increase the airflow in your home. If you seal all of the leaks in your home, your air pressure will likely increase, the air will flow more efficiently, and you can inevitably save money. This newfound airflow can also result in a reduction of the level of stagnant air in your home.

There are certain areas of your home that naturally won't have much or any airflow. Your attic and basement are some of those places, making them breeding grounds for mold. Consider investing in an attic or basement fan to keep the air moving at all times. These fans may seem like a significant investment, but you'll likely notice a considerable difference in the mold growth in these areas. Additionally, the cost of a basement or attic fan is no comparison to the future price of needing to remove mold!


3. Consider Investing In Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We have a lot of indoor air quality products that can improve the air in your home. Did you know that once mold grows, its spores can travel to different parts of your home? An air purifier is great for removing mold spores and other pollutants from the air.

What if you want to stop the problem before it starts? For this, we recommend a humidifier. As we have indicated throughout this blog, too much humidity can be terrible and will lead to mold. However, not enough moisture can also pose additional problems. Dry air can lead to furniture damage and even respiratory issues. A humidifier will help you find the perfect middle ground: no mold and no dry air.

If you find that a significant amount of mold has grown inside your home, you need to prioritize removing it as soon as possible. Despite airflow being great for your home, you need to turn off your HVAC system when cleaning up mold. The last thing you want while cleaning mold is air blowing tiny spores around your home. Reducing airflow while cleaning mold minimizes the chance of it spreading to other areas.

Now that the air is turned off, you need to get gloves, a cleaning solution, and your vacuum cleaner. The timeline of the mold (the amount it has already grown) will determine how much work will be required and the amount that this work will cost you. If you are unsure of how to proceed with your mold problem, always call a professional.


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