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A Heater Tune-Up Can Save You Money

A Heater Tune-Up Can Save You Money

Homeowners are reminded frequently about the importance of getting an annual HVAC tune-up. However, especially in warmer climates like Texas, we tend to neglect the importance of annual furnace or heater tune-up. Similar to how you schedule an AC tune-up in the spring just prior to the arrival of hot temperatures, a heater tune-up is done in the fall right before the temperatures drop. If you didn't get yours done in time for this recent cold blast, treat this as a reminder to get it done soon. Here are a few reasons why you can save money by getting a heater tune-up before the winter months arrive.

Avoid the Emergency
Picture this: you're in your warm, cozy home, keeping away from the dead of winter when all of a sudden your heater goes out. Sounds like your worst nightmare, right? Good news is that this nightmare can easily be avoided by having your heater serviced. A tune-up will ensure everything is working properly before the sudden drop in temperature.

(P.S.: Routine heater maintenance is typically cheaper than the emergency.)

Leak Testing
One of the most important parts of a heater tune-up is testing for carbon monoxide leakage within your system. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas that is incredibly difficult to detect. Having professionals come out and detect the presence of this silent killer will not only save your pocketbook but your life as well.

Maintain Efficiency
We all know we aren't ourselves when we're sick. Think of your heater or furnace in the same way. A heater is only efficient when it's at its best. Furthermore, an efficient unit is a money-saving unit. An annual heater tune-up is the best way to ensure your heater is running as efficient as possible, saving you the most money.

Make sure your heater is ready for the cold weather! Schedule a heater tune-up with All Pro AC so your system is running efficiently and safely.

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