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My A/C is running but no cool air!

My A/C is running but no cool air!

Air conditioning is one of man's greatest inventions, allowing you and your family to be comfortable even when it's unbearable outside. When that air conditioner blows less and less cool air, it can be uncomfortable and worrisome.

First Make Sure There's Really a Issue

Sometimes the unit needs to run for a while to balance the air in the room. Turn your air conditioner on and let it get going over a few minutes. Then hold your hand up to one of the vents. If you feel cold air blowing in, but the rest of the room feels warm, it's not the air conditioner that's the issue. AC units blow cold air and the air mixes with hot air in your home. This may mean that the air in the room can feel warmer than you'd expect. Give it some time for it to cool down.

Change the Filter

Changing the filter for the air conditioner is like restarting your browser to your computer: If you have not changed your air conditioners filter in the past month, change it now and see if that helps. A clogged filter slows everything down, including the intake of air.

Inspect the Vents

Ensure all the vents in your home are open. Check for frayed weather-stripping. It allows hot outside air to come in, and closed vents prevent cool air from blowing out.

Always contact a good AC repair company to have a technician inspect the system and make necessary repairs.


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