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Common Furnace Repairs & Furnace Problems

Common Furnace Repairs & Furnace Problems

Regardless of how old your furnace is, and whether it's conventional or high-efficiency, proper maintenance can help you achieve many years of problem-free, comfortable heating. However, when furnace problems arise with your system, it may be beneficial to you to check some things before calling the experts. Things will occasionally go wrong, as is the case with all complex machines; however, not everything is a massive problem that requires hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. The following are some of the most common furnace problems, along with some simple fixes that may take care of them. However, if you feel that you're getting in over your head, All Pro AC is always here to help.

Furnace Problem #1: Nothing happening - If you turn on your unit and it isn't doing anything, first check that the power switch to the unit is on, and then check the circuit breaker. It is possible that the electrical system may have overloaded, causing either the circuit breaker to trip or a fuse to blow. To repair the furnace, check to see if the doors are installed correctly - several units have safety switches installed that will automatically cut power to the unit whenever the doors are missing, as a means of keeping you safe when you or a service technician reaches inside. If all of this is okay, the thermostat may be faulty; not telling the furnace to begin the heating sequence.

Furnace Problem #2: No Heat - If you notice that your furnace doesn't seem to be providing warm air, check to see if the burners are coming on, and that a pilot is lit (if applicable). If you do not notice a pilot light, don't fret! The majority of furnaces switched from using pilots to electronic ignition nearly 30 years ago. If you still suspect that your unit may have a pilot that isn't lit, check for a placard on the unit for lighting instructions. You may also find a placard stating NOT to attempt to light the burners by hand; if so, then your unit is controlled by electronic ignition. If this is the case, repairing your furnace might be best left to a professional. Call All Pro AC to help troubleshoot the system.

Furnace Problem #3: Furnace Turning On & Off Too Frequently - The best way to repair a dirty furnace is to clean it! Dirty filters, excessive debris in the system, or a defective blower fan may cause a problem with the system overheating. Make sure that you have a clean filer, are using a non-restrictive type, as well as the proper size. Also make sure that the interior of your unit is not coated in a thick layer of dust. If replacing the filter doesn't seem to fix the problem, or you notice that your unit is excessively dirty, call A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc. for a diagnostic or a maintenance on your unit. A maintenance program is also available that not only covers the maintenance but also provides Priority Status and discounts on any future repairs. If you have an older type thermostat that is non-digital and operates with a sliding lever, you may also need us to adjust the heat anticipator on your system.

Furnace Problem #4: Continuously Running Fan/Blower - If you notice that the fan on your system is running constantly, first check the thermostat. Many thermostats come equipped with a “Fan” option - placing the thermostat fan option in the “Auto” position may relieve this problem. If this doesn't resolve the issue, there may be a safety device located inside the unit that is tripped; often due to the unit overheating. Again, verify that you have a clean filter and not too much debris in the system, and see if this helps. If not, give the experts at All Pro AC a call to see why your unit may have overheated.

Furnace Problem #5: Not Enough Heat - If your furnace is producing warm air for your home, but you notice that it is noticeably less than normal, check to see if your thermostat is set properly. Next, check all registers and vents, including intake registers, and make sure that there is nothing blocking airflow. Raise the set-point on the thermostat several degrees, wait a few minutes and see if airflow is restored and if it feels warm enough. If not, give the technicians a call at All Pro AC whereupon, we will inspect the unit and the duct system for you.

When it comes to staying warm, healthy, and comfortable this season, the entire staff at All Pro AC are the experts in repairing heating/furnace problems! One of the best ways to limit your chances of having issues on a cold day is to have a preseason checkout on the system yearly. A-1 Guaranteed offers a great preventative maintenance program that keeps your system clean, efficient and well-tuned. The technicians will also be able to identify any issues associated with your system. They will be able to discuss them with you and possibly remedy them before the issue turns into any major problems. Contact us today to make your appointment!

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