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Do You Know This Dark and Dirty Secret?

Do You Know This Dark and Dirty Secret?

Oh, I hope I didn't scare you away with that title! Or maybe … I got your attention? Well, you're reading this, so it must mean you're interested in hearing this big secret. Okay, I'm just gonna lay it out there, give you the real dirt, which is that …

DIRT is the #1 reason for HVAC system failure.

It isn't age! A system wearing down can lead to an AC or heating system failure, but dirt and grime are much more likely to get to it first. Dirty is like a wave of devious little spies getting into the tiny parts of the HVAC system and then sabotaging it. (For my canine friends, think of it like a massive flea attack. Yeah, they're small, but they're nasty.) This dirt means an expensive repair call for the system—or worse, an expensive call to replace it.

This is the truth! Cleaning an HVAC system is the crucial part of regular maintenance for an HVAC system. Just cleaning off the motor parts does an immense amount of good for a heater or AC because it removes additional stress. Regular maintenance means fewer repairs for your system, plus a longer lifespan and lower energy bills.

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