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Why is my furnace running in short bursts?

Why is my furnace running in short bursts?

Most people are not familiar with the term short cycling. This is when your furnace starts then stops to often. Here are the top reasons that this can happen.

If your furnace is too large for the space heated, it will possibly short cycle. It is very important that when a HVAC installer knows the size to match the space. This overpowered process makes your furnace work harder and shorter wasting your energy dollars.

Over heating will cause the furnace to shut down early. It is usually caused by restricted air flow. Overheating can cause cracks in your system so it is important to have a technician check it.

Since your thermostat controls your furnace, it too can cause short cycling. This may be hard to diagnose yourself so you should have a technician look at it first.

Even if your thermostat is working, it could cause short cycling if it's improperly installed, say, close to a significant heat source, such as a stove or a large sun-facing window. This can trick the thermostat into thinking the home is too hot, which can kick off short cycles.

If your furnace is short cycling, please call us for assistance at Temple All Pro A/C and Heating for a professional.

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