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Surge Protection For Your A/C and Heating

Surge Protection For Your A/C and Heating

As winter weather rolls into the Waco Metro area, it's time to start thinking about something most people rarely consider - utility power issues. During the winter months, constant, regular power supply can become an issue, whether due to natural events or overloading. This means it is a good time to consider installing surge protection devices on your heating and cooling equipment.

Power surges can be caused by a number of sources, such as lightning strikes, “brownouts”, utility company power switching, etc. Even something as common as large appliances starting and stopping can cause power surges in your home. You've likely stocked up on a few extra candles, maybe even some extra flashlight batteries just in case of these events, so you know they happen and are preparing for them. But there's more to think about than just being without power for a few hours.

Many people in the Temple, Tx. area have what are called point-of-use Surge Protection Devices, or SPDs, for their computers, gaming consoles, and modern appliances. However few people outside HVAC professionals consider their heating and cooling equipment when evaluating their surge protection needs.

Why is a SPD necessary for your heating and cooling equipment? Some control boards and blower motors on furnaces cost $1,000 or more to replace. And for an air conditioner? The cost to replace a ruined compressor can be over $2,000! And here's the worst thing - the damage done by a power surge, brownout, or undervoltage situation is NOT covered under HVAC manufacturer's warranties. And if you're expecting the utility company to pick up the bill? They won't. Your homeowner's insurance policy may, but there's a better, easier, more immediate solution.

Installing surge protection devices for your heating and cooling system is a solid move. It may not be exciting, but neither is waiting for your power to come back on and then finding out your furnace got ruined in the power surge from the brownout.

Surge protection devices provide comfort and peace of mind, protecting the most used appliances in your home. Call us for additional information or to schedule your installation today!

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