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Furnace Maintenance Tips and Services to Prepare for Winter

Furnace Maintenance Tips and Services to Prepare for Winter

Your HVAC system should be serviced every season.

Furnace in the fall and air conditioning in the late spring or early summer. The only exception is if any components were replaced and is brand new for the up and coming season.

Even if your furnace ran flawlessly the winter before, why not keep it running that way?

Here are some general tips to get your furnace ready for winter.

Is Your Furnace Not Working?

There are a number of reasons that your furnace could have stopped working from the thermostat not being on or operating properly, clogged furnace filter, the gas valve wasn't turned back on, blown circuit breaker or fuse, or issues with the chimney or exhaust.

Should I Get My Furnace Replaced?

The price range for a furnace varies quite a bit. It really depends on how efficient of a system that you want, what kind of other components your home will require, and the budget you have. We offer a free in-home estimate, because there are so many variables, and we can tell you whether it's better to repair or replace your existing furnace.

Install a WiFi Thermostat

WiFi thermostats are awesome. They give you the ability to remotely control the temperature of your house and what the system is doing.

For example, when you take the kids on a trip, when you leave you can set the heat to 55-60F. Then, when you're on your way home, just turn the heat back up from your smartphone so the house isn't cold when you get home.

Also, for people that go away for the winter, you will know what the house conditions are and what the weather conditions are all from the same app on your phone.

If something changes and goes wrong, you'll get an alert and be able to handle the situation before any damage is done. We did $17,000 worth of repairs to a house on Grand Island with a boiler system because the boiler failed and the entire house froze. It was 19F when we walked in the door and even the sump pump in the basement floor was frozen.

Learn more about how we can turn your home into a smart home with WiFi thermostats.

Install a Backup Power Generator

Losing power even for a few hours during a storm or power outage can be costly or dangerous for your home and and all it takes is the first major storm of the season to remind people that they need a generator.

Get ahead of the storms and install a backup generator now so that you don't kick yourself later. With a generator, if the power goes out you don't have to worry about:

  • Heat: The heat stays on with a generator so you get to stay comfortable without having to walk to bundle up in your snowsuit indoors.
  • The Fridge: Food won't spoil when the fridge and freezer continue running.
  • Safety and Security: Security and alarm systems stay on so you don't become a target for theft and vandalism.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails and you forget to properly prepare for winter, don't worry, we provide 24 hour emergency repair service to restore your heating and boiler systems to proper working order.

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