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3 Tips To Avoid AC repair

3 Tips To Avoid AC repair

No one enjoys the need for AC repair , especially when it's the hottest part of the year. But, many homeowners accidentally do the very things that will make it more of a chance that they'll need AC repair more often than usual. The following three things are avoidable, and you can start taking steps to protect your investment now so that you don't keep getting those big repair bills every year.

  1. Check the capacity - It is not uncommon for homes to be built with AC units that just barely pass building codes, but do not effectively cool the amount of square footage the home entails. Furthermore, if the owner or the previous owner added a room, the AC unit may be having to work far too hard than intended. This leads to AC repair more often. Correct this by either adding another zone and AC unit or replacing yours with a properly sized unit.
  2. Location matters - Most of the time, builders do get the location of the AC unit right. Sometimes, they go for the best place aesthetically without considering whether the location will keep the AC unit safe from harm and out of extreme sun and moisture. It is not always an easy fix to remedy a location mistake, but it will save you in the long run.
  3. Maintenance - Just as you must maintain your vehicle to get the most trouble-free miles, you must also maintain your AC system if you want to avoid AC repair issues. It will also help your unit run more efficiently, thereby saving you money in utility costs.

At All Pro AC and Heating, you can expect the best from us should you need AC repair or any advice about how to avoid repair problems. We offer AC repair and diagnostics for both residential and commercial properties, along with installation and replacement, if needed. Let us do the regular maintenance on your AC unit and you could enjoy fewer AC repair situations throughout the years.


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