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What is Air Conditioning "Terrorism"?

What is Air Conditioning "Terrorism"?

Copper and aluminum prices are rising, and it's no wonder we're seeing a rash of stolen air conditioning units around our communities in all neighborhoods! It takes less than 2 minutes time, for thieves to remove an entire air conditioning unit or "DE-bone" a unit. Depending on whether or not you have home insurance, the deductible is usually enough to keep many people from even being able to get a replacement unit.

I came across what appears to be the answer to an ever growing problem. It's called the AC Watchdog. This unit simply connects to the electrical and refrigerant lines of your air conditioning unit. If the power is interrupted, from someone cutting the power lines for example. The ear piercing alarm sounds off to warn you, the neighbors and the "would be" thieves. It works the same way on the refrigerant lines running to the unit as well. If anything alters the potential operation of the unit, the alarm sounds and the thousands of dollars in your cooling system stays protected.

Bolting units to the ground and using cages to try and keep thieves out has shown to be just a minor annoyance for the criminal. A fool proof alarm is much more effective as long as you have someone nearby to hear it, and if you don't, I've even seen these same alarms come with phone dialers to contact the local authorities.

Trying to out-smart the crooks is getting to be a full time job and so far, we're staying one step ahead of them. Call us at Temple All Pro Air Conditioning in Temple Texas and we will be happy to answer any questions (254) 624-4917.

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