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Do you have unsealed ducts in your home?

Do you have unsealed ducts in your home?

Do you have unsealed ducts in your home?

Any home that uses a forced air heating and cooling system has a series of duct work to distribute the air throughout your home. This ductwork is located out of sight. In an attic, a crawl space, the garage or basement. That means when something goes wrong with the ducts you may be unaware of it.

Over time, the segments may become disconnected, or the ducts, which expand and contract from the pressure of conditioned air traveling through them, crack or develop holes. The excessive heat and humidity in Texas also will cause issues.

Some other signs you might need duct sealing:

  • Rooms that are hard to cool or heat
  • Stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere, perhaps from dust or high humidity

Reasons to Seal Ducts

Besides increasing comfort and efficiency:

  • Safety — Sealed ducts help prevent back drafting where gases from combustion appliances, are drawn back into the living space.
  • Better air quality — Sealing ducts can prevent dust, mold and household or garden chemicals from being drawn into your HVAC system and distributed into your home.
  • Environmental protection — sealed ducts prevent energy loss.

Sealing Ducts

If your ductwork is accessible and you're comfortable with a do-it-yourself project, then you may want to seal ducts yourself. Use mastic sealant or metal tape (never duct tape, as it won't last), reconnecting segments and repairing holes and cracks. You may want to use metal screws to reconnect the segments securely.

Check connections at vents and registers also. Making sure they're sealed where the ducts meet floors, walls and ceiling.

If the job is too much for you, then you may want to contract with an HVAC consultant.

For more on duct sealing, contact Temple All Pro A/C and heating in Texas (254) 624-4917.

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