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Common Ac problems to look for in Summertime

Common Ac problems to look for in Summertime

The demand for AC repair inTemple,Tx around this time of the year goes over the roof because these systems work in overdrive. During these summer months, having a well-functioning AC is imperative.

Are you able to diagnose some of the more common AC problems? Here is a guide on what to look out for and what to do.

1. Dirty Filters

The more your AC runs, the more often you need to change your filter. Most filters are designed to be replaced every three months. This duration is much shorter if a home has kids, pets and high traffic.

You should be sure to change your air filter occasionally, and especially during summer months when your system is working in overdrive.

A dirty filter is among the biggest impediment to your Ac's efficiency. Luckily, a clogged air filter is also one of the easiest AC problems to sort out.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels

These are typically caused by refrigerant leaks.

Refrigerant is a liquid in your AC system that sucks up hot hair from your house and sends it outside, thus cooling your home in the hot summers.

Your refrigerant levels can also be low because not enough of it was added when the system was installed.

Constant refilling of the refrigerant is expensive over time. If you suspect that a leak is the problem, the best thing to do is to have a professional repair the system once and for all.

3. AC repair in Humble Tx Can Fix High Electricity Bills

It's expected that you will pay more in utility bills in summer. This is probably because you might be home more, and might require round the clock cooling.

However, atypically high bills can point to a problem. Among them is a faulty thermostat.

4. Inadequate Cooling

Just as you might experience cold spots in winter, you can experience hot spots during summer. This means that your system is not adequately cooling the entire house.

If this is a new house, then you might have bought a lower capacity system that's inadequate for your house size.

However, if this is a problem that shows up after months or years of adequate cooling, then you need to call in an HVAC specialist to come in to look at your system.

5. External Fan Malfunction

If the outdoor fan is not correctly encased and protected, it's blades might be damaged by debris.

If they bend from damage, they can cause more damage to the fan casing.
To prevent this, keep the area near the condenser clear. A foot on all sides is ideal for reducing the chances of debris damage.

6. Shutting Off

When an AC keeps shutting off and turning back on, it definitely has a problem. This is known as short cycling.

If you allow the problem to persist, it can damage the compressor, leaving you with a bigger and more expensive problem to fix.

It can also damage other AC parts resulting in inefficiently and consequently higher power bills.

Short cycling can be caused by a clogged air filter or an electrical issue.
A reputable AC technician can repair any damaged parts or install a hard start kit to fix the problem.

7. Your Unit Is Running but Not Cooling

Your unit may power on fine and run as usual, but you might notice that it is not cooling.

This mostly happens when the thermostat and the outdoor unit connection is severed, most often from an electrical disconnection.

Another possible problem is that the AC unit might have inadequate amounts of Freon gas to cool the hot air.

Reinstating the lost connection should have your system running smoothly.

8. Your Unit Won't Start

Imagine coming home on a hot summer day and your AC just won't come on.
If luck in on your side, this could just be a tripped circuit breaker or an improperly set thermostat.

Try resetting the unit's thermostat and the home's circuit breaker before calling in a HVAC professional.

9. Noisy

A faulty belt or a broken motor bearing can cause screeching or squealing sounds. Adding lubricant in the oil port might help.

Thumping, rattling or banging, on the other hand, might indicate a problem with the blower or motor assembly. In this case, it's best to turn the system off and have someone come look at it.

When the unit makes a smacking noise, it's likely to have debris stuck between its blades, or the housing.

Before calling an expert, try turning off the unit and clearing away the debris before restarting.

AC Care Tips

While these issues will likely turn up over the summer, there are things you can do year round to prevent the breakdown of your air conditioning system. Here are a few tips to keep your AC unit in top shape.

• Schedule your annual AC maintenance in spring in readiness for summer
• Change your air filter as soon as it gets backed up
• Clean the air ducts to give it longevity and keep the system from malfunctioning
• Check the pipe insulation for wear and tear and make replacements as necessary
• Regularly check out your wiring for overheating and normal wear and tear
• Clean the outdoor compressor and ensure it has sufficient clearing
• If your system is decades old, it might be time to save up on a newer, more efficient conditioning unit.

If you notice any strange sounds or smells, it is important to call in a technician to ensure that the problem is accurately diagnosed and addressed.


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