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5 Top Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioning Unit Before Summer

5 Top Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioning Unit Before Summer

It's that time of year, when outside temperatures soar high, making it unbearable to be inside without air conditioning. Before getting stuck without your air conditioner during the summer heat, make plans now to have it serviced.

Here are 5 top reasons you shouldn't wait to call your AC technician:

  • Low AC Refrigerant. Your AC unit might become low on refrigerant which is usually a sign that your unit has a leak. A leak needs to be fixed as quickly as possible; not only is it harmful to the environment, it causes your unit to work improperly. An AC technician can come out to your home, assess the problem and repair it.
  • Outdoor Fan is Not Working. The outdoor fan is a key component of your air conditioner. If the fan is not operating or it is working sporadically, then it cannot transfer the heat from the inside of the home to the outside. In this type of circumstance, your unit will overheat.
  • Frozen AC Unit. Your AC unit might become frozen for several reasons. Dirty filters should be cleaned often or replaced. If not, the air flow becomes restricted which will cause the unit to freeze. If coils on a unit freeze, it's a sign the unit is low on refrigerant. Also, if the fan is not working, the cold air has nowhere to go, and will therefore remain in the unit. In most cases, this causes the unit to freeze.
  • Poor Wiring. Poor air conditioning unit wiring will not only cause your system to stop working, but it can also potentially start a fire. If someone other than a professional technician has installed your unit, call a certified technician to come out and inspect the wiring. The complete system might have to be replaced and installed correctly if the wiring is found to be hazardous.
  • Lack of Maintaining your AC Unit. Your AC unit should be maintained year round. If not, some of the components in the system might need repairing. Once certain components are damaged, it is possible the complete unit will fail.

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