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Regular Maintenance For Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

Regular Maintenance For Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC maintenance is crucial in preventing frequent breakdowns, improving energy efficiency, ensuring maximum comfort and extending the lifespan of the system. While some maintenance works can only be undertaken by a qualified HVAC contractor, such as All Pro A/C and Heating, some of them can be done by you - the homeowner. The following includes some of those tasks:

HVAC systems consist of a lot of moving parts, including the fan and blower motors. These parts need to be lubricated on a regularly to reduce friction and noise from the unit. Always use manufacturer-recommended lubricants during maintenance.

HVAC systems consist of air handling units and stationery components that may trap or accumulate dust over time. For instance, the evaporator and condenser coils may accumulate dust and form a coating or insulation over the coils, thereby reducing their ability to absorb and release heat into the surroundings. Therefore, HVAC maintenance should involve cleaning of the evaporator coils in the indoor unit and the condenser coils where heat is dumped. Be sure to also clean the blower and adjust it accordingly. The condensate pan and drain pipe should also be checked and cleaned to prevent clogging.

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Replace Filters
If the filters in your HVAC unit are still in good condition, you can clean and fit them back in the unit. However, if they are damaged, you can replace them with new air filters with the same ratings. You should clean filters many times before replacing.

Make Adjustments
During maintenance, you need to check the thermostat setting and adjust it properly according to your needs. Be sure to tighten all loose electrical cable connections. The level of refrigerant in the cooling system should also be checked and refilled if necessary.

While these maintenance works may seem easy to some people, there are many homeowners who do not have the time or technical ability to perform these procedures by themselves. In such cases, a qualified HVAC contractor such as All pro A/C and Heating should be called to do the maintenance.


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