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4 signs your furnace needs to be replaced

4 signs your furnace needs to be replaced

For many, indoor heating is a must-have when outside temperatures begin to dip. Like any appliance, however, furnaces have their limits; when yours goes out, keeping the house warm becomes a much bigger challenge. There are many common signs of new furnace need in the home, some easily observable and others requiring a little more legwork. Here are a few red flags you should watch for.

#1. Insufficient heating performance

If your thermostat settings aren't producing the same levels of heat you're used to—or if you're experiencing noticeable temperature differences between rooms—a failing furnace could be the culprit. As furnaces age, they get less efficient at moving heated air through your home's air ducts into various rooms. The result is some rooms that are boiling, others that are freezing, and no one being comfortable.

There are a number of problems with your overall HVAC system that can cause these symptoms. Ask your All Pro technician about the possibility that you have:

  • A fault in your thermostat that is causing it to sense different temperatures than it otherwise should.
  • Issues with your insulation, such as major air leaks, that cause heated or cooled air to be lost in transit to your living spaces.
  • Problems with your insulation or home that could cause draftiness in certain rooms and not others.

If your All Protechnician has eliminated these possibilities from their list, it could be that your furnace needs to be replaced. They'll advise you on your best options moving forward.

#2. Regular heating repair needs

If your older furnace is breaking down each and every winter, it might be time to consider replacing it. After all, those repair costs can really add up. That's not including the potential headache and aggravation that comes with regular HVAC problems on the coldest nights of the year. In many cases, it's just not worth it.

#3. Rapid spikes in your home energy bills

A gas or electric bill that seems unusually high could stem from an underperforming major appliance. Since the heaviest-used appliances are your air conditioner and furnace, it makes sense to start there if you're paying just too much for electricity.

Review your recent utility bills against those from previous years to identify any drastic usage increases; if cost differences can't be attributed to simple rate hikes, furnace repair or replacement may be the resolution you need.

#4. Aging parts and equipment

Typically, furnaces last somewhere between 15 and 20 years with normal use. If yours has been at work for over a decade, it may be in need of a thorough servicing to restore its full potential. If your unit's older than 20 years and is experiencing regular difficulties, it might be time to consider new furnace installation.

Invest in your home's comfort this winter

No one wants to pay more money for something they're already accustomed to, but when furnaces don't function properly, you stand to lose in the long run. At All Pro AC and Heating in Temple, Tx. we specialize in service for every type of furnace, whether you're looking for a or a whole new install. Call us today and let us handle all of your home heating needs this season.

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