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Tips for Better Heating Efficiency

Tips for Better Heating Efficiency

When it comes to extreme weather here in Texas, we're obviously going to be talking about the heat and humidity of the summer season. However, the fact that our winters are nowhere near as extreme as the summer season in terms of weather does not mean that your home heating system is any less important. It also does not mean that you shouldn't be concerned with the overall efficiency level at which your heater operates.

Just because your heater is not in use as much as your air conditioner doesn't give it a free pass when it is costing you more than it should to run. There are a lot of reasons why your heating bills may reflect inefficiency, but there are also plenty of ways in which to boost heating efficiency without having to replace your entire heating system. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy more efficient and affordable heating in Temple Texas.

Do You Have Ceiling Fans?

Not only do ceiling fans add a nice aesthetic touch to one's home, but they also come in handy when trying to keep comfortable during the summer season. They don't actually cool the air, but they do supplement your AC in that they help to keep cool air moving throughout the house. What many homeowners don't realize is that they serve the same function in the winter!

Hot air rises, so a common issue in the winter is heat getting trapped at the ceiling. This is particularly problematic in those homes with high ceilings. The good news is that by reversing your ceiling fans by flipping a switch on their fixtures, you can force that air back down into the living space! That takes some of the strain off of your heating system.

Do You Have Duct Leaks?

If so, then that right there is a major source of inefficiency throughout the whole year. You cannot see much of your ductwork, if any of the system. That means that you cannot just give the ducts a visual once-over to determine if they're still in great shape. Having your ducts tested and, if necessary, professionally sealed, is a great way to boost energy efficiency.

Decreased efficiency, decreased indoor air quality, and hot and cold spots throughout the house all suggest duct leaks. Don't ignore these warning signs! Give us a call if you suspect that your ductwork is struggling, and we'll get everything sorted out so that your forced air HVAC systems can operate more efficiently.

Do You Schedule Annual Maintenance?

If not, then you are doing your comfort, your HVAC system, and your budget a serious disservice. We've said it countless times before, and we'll keep saying it: your heating and air conditioning systems need to be tuned-up on an annual basis.

If you have not had your heater tuned up this year, then now is the time to schedule the routine maintenance that the system needs to excel in its operation. Without proper maintenance, your system will suffer from excessive wear and tear that will tear down its efficiency levels. We'll keep your heater—and AC—on track with our thorough maintenance services.

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