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Preventing Allergies in Your Home

Preventing Allergies in Your Home

Spring often comes early in Texas, and you can see that in the level of pollen in the air. Allergy sufferers are probably beginning to sense the changing seasons and are responding appropriately. Allergy medicine becomes more commonly used during this time of year, but there are other options. This blog is going to cover what you can do to improve the indoor air quality of your home during allergy season.

Even with all of the pollen in the air outside, your indoor air is naturally filled with even more pollutants. This leaves virtually no safe haven for those who suffer from spring allergies. With Dave Broussard's help, you can clear the air inside your home and ensure that springtime is a breeze!

Upgrade Your Air Filter

Air filters are essential to operating a heating or cooling unit. As winter ends and spring begins, it is appropriate to install a new filter. That being said, purchasing a thicker air filter will remove more pollutants than a regular model. Air filters use MERV ratings to indicate how thick they are and how well they filter the air. The higher the MERV rating, the cleaner the air.

Not only should you change out your old air filter, but also consider purchasing an entirely new air filter with a higher MERV rating. The air filter will trap particles as they cycle through your home and get your spring off to a clean start!

Clean & Seal Your Ductwork

Your ductwork is another essential part of your home comfort system. It is the primary pathway that air takes to reach different parts of your home. This is why it is especially important that ductworks remain sealed and clear of dust, dirt or other air pollutants. Leaks will reduce the amount of air getting to the proper place and also lets air pollutants inside. If the duct is dirty, you'll find it very hard to reduce the number of pollutants inside your home.

With the help of a professional HVAC technician, you can clean your air ducts and ensure that dirt is not endlessly cycled throughout your home!

HVAC Maintenance

Part of HVAC maintenance is making sure that your outdoor unit is clear of dirt, dust, and debris. An HVAC technician can tell when an excess in air particles have hindered a system's performance. As we mentioned before, cleaning your ductwork is a great way to clear the air in your home, but eliminating particles at the source is also essential.

While conducting routine maintenance, an HVAC technician can clean your outdoor unit to eliminate dust and dirt that have caked onto your fins. Since your unit 'breathes' through the fins, this will help clear up the air in your home!

Indoor Air Quality Products

Maybe you have a large garden, or you're more prone to allergies than others. No matter how much you dust and vacuum, you still can't seem to completely stop sneezing. We provide several different indoor air quality products that provide multiple levels of clarity. A humidifier in your attic can prevent mold, a UV lamp in your closet can destroy bacteria, and an air purifier in your living room can take dust right out of the air. Whether you're worried about dust, bacteria, or mold, you can eliminate them all with a quick call to Dave Broussard.

The best thing about our indoor air quality products is that they work 24/7 to ensure your air is clean.

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