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Here Are the Most Common Reasons Why Your AC Operating Costs Are High

Here Are the Most Common Reasons Why Your AC Operating Costs Are High


Home Owners get excited for the warm summer months, but keeping cool during those months can be expensive. If you notice an increase in your energy bills, here are few possible causes:

(1) Deficient insulation Proper insulation keeps warm air from escaping during cold seasons and prevents cool air from escaping during the hotter times. Make sure that your home is properly insulated. Adding curtains to block out sunlight can also help.

(2) Failing to change filters Many people forget to replace their AC filters from time to time. This should be done regularly to prevent them from being clogged with pollen and other small particles. Clogged and dirty air filters cause the AC to work harder to keep your home cool. Changes the filter regularly to keep you're A/C unit healthy.

(3) Worn out duct work This is quite common in older homes. The duct work in those days was insulated with a plastic wrap. Over time, the plastic wrap deteriorates, resulting in cool air leaking through openings in it.

(4) Stale Air This is another issue that commonly plagues homes. When the air within the home is stagnant, it tricks you into believing that inside is warmer than it actually is, causing you to turn down the temperature to get it cooler. In order to avoid this, using ceiling or box fans to circulate the air within the room helps.

(5) Cracks in caulking and weather stripping Check your windows and doors. You may be surprised at the number of openings and cracks you find. These openings allow warmer air from outside to enter the home, making inside feel warmer that it should be. Fix this problem by using affordable caulking or weather-stripping to block those openings.

(6) Irregular maintenance Regular maintenance is necessary for the efficient operation of your AC. It deals with issues like clogged filters, poorly insulated ducts, and broken or worn parts. Make sure that you get regular maintenance.

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