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A/C Units: Age is just a Number

A/C Units: Age is just a Number

If your home has had the air conditioning system for several years, you may be wondering if it is time to move on to a new model. Because it may be better than risking a broken AC in the middle of summer in Waco Texas. But did you know that a well-maintained air conditioner can last you many years. So ask yourself how well you have maintained it? And how old is too old?

Age is just a number. Some systems last longer than others. If you clean your filters once a month, and have regular maintenance your system could last longer than average.

A/C Replacement

It's a good idea to consider air conditioning replacement if your system is ten years old. The normal wear and tear your system goes through affects the performance and efficiency of your system. If you've had to make repair calls on a more frequent basis, replacement is an option to consider for saving in the long run. Air conditioning replacement is necessary when your air conditioner is in excess of fifteen years. The chance of your AC failing gets higher and higher especially in the summer.

If your system has a couple of good years left, it might be time to consider an up to date high efficiency AC. If you bought an exceptional system ten years ago, a new unit will offer better performance and higher efficiency. Recent advancements in system components mean newer systems run with fewer issues. Furthermore, air conditioners are now required to use less energy than they once did. Newer systems will likely save you money every month.

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