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Why a Homes Temperatures May be Inconsistent

Why a Homes Temperatures May be Inconsistent

If you're living in Texas during the summer, functioning air conditioner and HVAC system is an absolute necessity. Not only could you be sweating in your own home all summer, but you could be paying for it, too! Temperature inconsistencies can increase energy costs by as much as 40%. If this has been an issue for you, it's time to get to the bottom of things and avoid any additional discomfort or exorbitant bills.

Bad Ducts

Air is moved through the home through a system of ducts. If these ducts aren't properly set up, you could experience issues with temperatures. If they're not positioned correctly with the thermostat, some parts of the house may not receive the same amount of cooling or heating as others. The thermostat could shut off in response to one area, while another area has a drastically different temperature.

You Have Leaks

A common cause for inconsistent temperatures is leaks within the home. This means that air can come into the home or go out of the home, resulting in loss of cooled or heated air. This can be caused by ducts with holes, which allows air to escape before even reaching its destination. Another culprit could be windows or doors with leaks. If they don't properly seal the home, air could be constantly leaking and costing you tons of money.

Home Layout

Some layouts, regardless of duct condition, cannot be consistently heated and cooled. The best solution for this is often a zoned system, which allows for different areas of the home to be controlled more precisely.

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