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Stealing Copper from Air Conditioning, How to Protect Your Property

Stealing Copper from Air Conditioning, How to Protect Your Property

June 11, 2017

Why all the interest in copper wire from air conditioning units? Thieves have certainly found it interesting since it has gone up from $1 a pound to up to $4 a pound with $3 being the average amount one can receive from recycling copper! Thieves are stealing from individuals and companies alike, creating thousands of dollars' worth of damage.

This is a picture of about how a community center in Temple Texas closed down for a few days over the holidays to let their staff have more time with their family. When they returned, they could not believe the utter devastation. Their place had been broken into with wiring being stripped out all over the center. Copper wires were sawed off and the air conditioning units on the roof.

The Department of Energy says this used to be only a minor issue but is now a $1 billion a year crime! You need to be careful if you have any type of business or home that is left abandoned for any amount of time.

What are some tips to help protect this from happening to you?

  • Install Security Cameras - Can be expensive but it is a great deterrent and way to catch thieves.
  • Fence in the area around all the copper
  • If you have a business, it may be worth it to hire security to watch over your facility.
  • Alarm systems can work great to deter the criminal
  • Paint the copper black. This can certainly throw off the criminal and they think it is regular tubing instead of copper.
  • Have it installed with protective screws that can only be removed with a special type of tool.
  • Neighbors watch out for one another and be careful who you let near your home.

Hopefully this awful theft issue has not happened to you! If you have any questions on how to protect your air conditioning system

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