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How You Can Reduce  A/C  Use and Still Be  Comfortable

How You Can Reduce A/C Use and Still Be Comfortable

If you would like to reduce your use of A/C in your Waco, Texas area home, there are many helpful strategies to conserve electrical use and still feel comfortable during Texas's hot seasons. It can take some work but are well worth any dollars you might spend to accomplish keeping your home cooler.

3 Options to Help Reduce the Need for Air Conditioning

  • Reflect radiant energy by using triple-pane, well-insulated windows.
  • Install horizontal trellises to block high-angle summer sunlight on the east and west side of your home.
  • Plant shade trees on the south side of your home. This blocks radiant heat and also cools the air through photosynthesis.

Things You Can Do Yourself

  • Install ceiling fans, which cool people by pulling air across the skin. Ceiling fans should be turned off when rooms are empty though.
  • When remodeling, use thermally cool roof and siding materials. Products marked with the federal Energy Star label will save energy and lower your home's heat gain by reflecting sunlight off shingles and siding.
  • Add insulation in the attic to prevent outside heat from warming up the cool air inside.
  • Seal against air leaks in duct-work, around windows and doors, and between attic and living spaces.

All Pro AC Can Help

All Pro A/c and Heating is a contractor that can help you reduce the need for A/C while also helping improve energy efficiency. We are interested in a long-term relationship, not a quick sale. Selling one air conditioner means little compared to having a satisfied customer.

All Pro Can:

  • Identify inefficient appliances that pump heat into your Waco,Texas area home and suggest energy efficient replacements.
  • Recommend and install a whole-house fan, which pulls air throughout the house, creating a strong convection current that pulls cool air in from outside.
  • Reset the thermostat on the water heater to 120 degrees, which will allow the heater to run less often.

If you would like more professional advice on how to reduce the need for A/C in your Texas home, or for other home comfort concerns,

NOTE: We are a HVAC Repair or replace company only...This article is for information purposes to help you save money.

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