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Your A/C System Needs Replacement

Your A/C System Needs Replacement

Nothing is more miserable than being in a hot and muggy home in the heat of summer, especially in Waco and Surrounding areas of Texas. Therefore, spring is the best time to have a home's air conditioning system checked. Replacing a home's central air unit is a very big investment. Homeowners should look for signs to let them know it's time to replace it.

Aging Systems

The life and efficiency of a central air conditioning system varies. They can last ten to thirty years. When homeowners move into a new house, it is important to find out the age of the appliance and any history of repairs. The life of a system can also depend on the quality of the brand and the type of unit. Naturally, systems belonging to homes in warmer states endure more wear and tear and generally need to be replaced sooner than systems in cooler climes. Usually when a repair bill reaches 50 percent of the value of the central air system, its time to replace.


Increase in Energy Bill

If an increase in the energy bill occurs, it may be a sign of declining efficiency to the central air system. Hefty utility bills from a weak air conditioning system can quickly be defrayed once the unit is replaced. A larger amount will be put down at the purchase of the appliance, but money from decreased energy costs will make up for the investment later on. If an HVAC unit is newer, the homeowner should carefully inspect the warranty before deciding to toss out the appliance to make sure repairs and replacement aren't still covered.


Increase in number of Repairs

An air conditioning system that needs to be repaired more and more, may need to be replaced. It is prudent for homeowners to keep a history of repairs that is easily tracked for cost and frequency. Frequent small repairs that don't seem expensive can add up, often reaching the purchase price of a new unit.


Slow Operating

Older central air systems will take longer to get started. They have difficulty in keeping up with the temperature set at the thermostat. Cooling performance is rated by the length of time it takes to cool the home, how well the cooling is maintained at the preset temperature on the thermostat and the level of comfort felt by the family.


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