Air conditioning maintenance as a whole is something that should be left to the professionals. Only a licensed and trained HVAC technician can accurately inspect, clean, and service an air conditioner in such a way that will leave it functioning well for the years to come.

Maintenance will help your system maintain its efficiency, and cause it to be less likely to suffer from a premature breakdown. Even though you can’t do a complete maintenance job on your own unit, there are a few tasks that you can do on your own, which we’ve highlighted below.


While your HVAC technician will do this during your annual maintenance visit, once or twice a year is not often enough to change your filter. While it does depend on the type of air filter you have, in general you should replace or clean your air filter every 1-3 months. Be sure to ask one of our professionals if you are unsure of how to do this.


Your outdoor condenser unit needs to have enough space around it that its fan and coil will be able to adequately release heat. Ensure that there’s about a foot of clear space around your cabinet. If there is any debris or plant life closer than that, be sure to remove it.


Be sure to occasionally take a look at your room vents and make sure that they aren’t shut, or if they are near the floor there’s not furniture or something else in front of them. Despite what some homeowners believe, closing off vents is not a good technique to save energy. Rather, it drives up your air pressure and causes leaks to form.


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