Are you having air conditioning or heating problems?

When your heating or cooling system fails, the first thing you need is a trained and qualified equipment repair professional to evaluate your system. During the summer when the temperature soars, a poorly performing air conditioner can create serious problems for your family’s comfort or safety. The same is true when the weather gets colder and you need the temperature control of your furnace.  At times like these it can be easy to just “call a repair guy”.  The end result may not be what you wanted – a partially resolved issue and a mountain of energy bills.  When you work with All Pro A/C and Heating, you won’t have to settle for this type of result.

When you call us for cooling or heating repair, one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will speak to you about the problem, and happily schedule one of our  trained, licensed and certified technicians to come to your home to perform a complete diagnostic on your system.  Our technician will explain the problem to you, give you his recommendations, and figure your price on site. If you agree to the repair, our technician gets to work right away, to get your system working again at optimal levels.

Don’t forget that one of the largest components of your household budget will likely be your cooling or heating system and its impact on your energy bills. That’s why it is important that you select a company with professional technicians whenever your system is not performing as it should. Failing to select the right company for your needs could result in your system only being partially fixed or not fixed at all!  This usually leads to heavy energy consumption and ultimately a breakdown of the entire equipment. All Pro A/C and Heating has a team of specialists who are experts at diagnosing central heating or air conditioning issues and resolving them in a comprehensive and speedy manner.

Our Professional Certified Technicians are ready to help you with any A/C or Heating Problems.


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